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Posted by in New Products on April 04, 2018 .

Suddenly our site is sparkling with wonderful hand blown glass, full of glorious colour.

Martin Andrews is one of the leading glass makers in the UK, originally graduating from West Surrey College of Art and Design in 1991, and now gaining acclaim worldwide. He has exhibited in Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Canada and the USA, as well as in the UK.

Much of Martin's inspiration comes from the natural world - water and landscapes, to show movement and power.

Martin creates his beautiful designs by melting coloured glass into different layers of molton glass (1050oc) and gradually builds it up into a unique and individual piece by...

Posted by in New Products on January 15, 2018 .

To begin the New Year we have just added some wonderful chickens to our collection. All wearing coloured cowboy boots with white spots these will certainly attract lots of attention!

They are all in a natural wooden finish, and polished to make them smooth and tactile. They are hand carved in sustainable Indonesian bamboo and all designed on a farm in Devon by DCUK.

DCUK are helping to preserve some of Indonesia's traditional skills, providing employment to local carvers and painters in Indonesia, and giving them a good income, twice the local minimum wage.

These chickens compliment our range of ducks and penguins and each one is...

Posted by in New Products on June 29, 2017 .

We have a wonderful selection of ceramic animals and birds, designed and hand-made by Rob Whelpton.

Rob trained at Dartington Pottery in Devon, and he and his wife have their own pottery in Wiltshire.

Rob produces a wide range of interesting designs, including his hand-built birds and animals. These are Raku fired in a kiln, which means they are fired very quickly, and as soon as the glaze has melted they are removed and put into sawdust. Rather a hot job!!  This results in stunning effects and colours, and a blackening of the clay from the smoke from the sawdust. It is a very exciting technique producing some fantastic...

Posted by in New Products on March 30, 2017 .

Wanted to add some fun to the website and I think the ceramic designs by Hannah Turner do just that!

The breakfast table will never be the same again! Especially if you are enjoying a boiled egg in one of the bird shaped egg cups!! Or sprinkling salt from a little birds beak!!

I just love the flamingo - so elegant, reminiscent of the 1950's - a perfect collectable too, it will brighten up any kitchen.

With a selection of jugs, sugar bowls and salt and pepper pots too, Hannah Turner has certainly delivered a fantastic display of quirky designs.

Don't you just love them all?!!

Posted by in New Products on November 08, 2016 .

Our dog themed key rings have now bounded onto our website!  All designed by Sweet William they make a perfect gift for a dog lover. So far we have ten different breeds of dog to choose from, and each design is a wonderful depiction of that breed.

As well as a key ring to keep all your important keys together, it can also look fabulous as a charm on your bag or purse. Quite a talking point!

So go on - treat yourself or someone you love to a delightful doggy accessory.   Woof woof!!

Posted by in New Products on August 03, 2016 .

With our latest section dedicated to gorgeous gifts for children, we could not resist a few cuddly toys to tempt you with!

Not long ago we came across Jomanda, and discovered that all their products are designed in the UK, in a rural village in Leicestershire. Their delightful furry toys are created using the softest ever fabric, in fact, Jomanda say they are "softer than a soft thing"!

And all their toys are suitable from birth, and have the CE mark too.

So why not take a look at our selection - you'll want to cuddle them all!!!!

Posted by in New Products on April 22, 2016 .

We now have Emperor penguins for sale!  Very grand!! Both parents and little chicks too. The babies are SO cute! Each one is different and has it's own expression! All unique, hand carved from bamboo root.

Emperor penguins are endemic to Antarctica.  They are the tallest of all the penguin species and live for approximately 20 years. They survive on open ice in the winter. The Emperor penguin only lays a single egg, and this is left with the male to keep warm on his feet, covered by a brood pouch. The female leaves to find food at sea, and the males all huddle together to keep warm in groups, taking turns to be in the middle. In around...

Posted by in New Products on April 10, 2016 .

What can be more springlike than these gorgeous little ducklings in various pastel shades? Each one is in a slightly different pose, and they all have an expression of their own!

They are one of our newest ranges, which I think has a freshness at this time of year!

Designed by "dcuk", they are a delight to look at, and very tactile too.

Wonderful as a little gift for that special occasion, or just a treat for someone who deserves a lovely surprise!

Please take a look at our selection, so you can meet our latest arrivals.


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