Duckling in Pastel Cream Lying Low.


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Duckling in Pastel Cream Lying Low

A wooden duckling hand painted in a pastel cream with natural wood beak and feet. This one has a closed beak and is in a lying low position, being inquisitive!

The edges are roughly sanded so that some of the natural bamboo shows through the paint in places, giving a sort of shabby chic effect!

Hand carved from bamboo root. Each one is unique and has an individual pose! Just so cute!!

Each duckling has a random name on a cotton-card name tag, which also says:-

"I'm really excited to join your family. I'm hand carved and enjoy being treated with care. I have feelings just like you. Look after me and we can have lots of great adventures together! I'm so pleased to be your friend"


Height 9 cm approx (tail height)
Length 15 cm approx (from beak to tail)
Width 7 cm approx

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