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Posted by in New Products on Aug 03, 2016 .

With our latest section dedicated to gorgeous gifts for children, we could not resist a few cuddly toys to tempt you with!

Not long ago we came across Jomanda, and discovered that all their products are designed in the UK, in a rural village in Leicestershire. Their delightful furry toys are created using the softest ever fabric, in fact, Jomanda say they are "softer than a soft thing"!

And all their toys are suitable from birth, and have the CE mark too.

So why not take a look at our selection - you'll want to cuddle them all!!!!

Posted by in New Products on Apr 22, 2016 .

We now have Emperor penguins for sale!  Very grand!! Both parents and little chicks too. The babies are SO cute! Each one is different and has it's own expression! All unique, hand carved from bamboo root.

Emperor penguins are endemic to Antarctica.  They are the tallest of all the penguin species and live for approximately 20 years. They survive on open ice in the winter. The Emperor penguin only lays a single egg, and this is left with the male to keep warm on his feet, covered by a brood pouch. The female leaves to find food at sea, and the males all huddle together to keep warm in groups, taking turns to be in the middle. In around...

Posted by in New Products on Apr 10, 2016 .

What can be more springlike than these gorgeous little ducklings in various pastel shades? Each one is in a slightly different pose, and they all have an expression of their own!

They are one of our newest ranges, which I think has a freshness at this time of year!

Designed by "dcuk", they are a delight to look at, and very tactile too.

Wonderful as a little gift for that special occasion, or just a treat for someone who deserves a lovely surprise!

Please take a look at our selection, so you can meet our latest arrivals.

Posted by in New Products on Feb 16, 2016 .

It is no good having a "Gorgeous Gifts for Women" department if we don't include a selection of exciting jewellery in the mix!

So that is why we now have a fabulous choice of organic gemstone jewellery, designed and hand crafted by Deborah Dowgiel.

Deborah became interested in the metaphysical properties of gemstones and decided to study them in 2007. Then she began to create wonderful pieces of jewellery, using unique gemstones specially sourced from around the world.

Deborah originally studied at Art College, gaining a Higher National Diploma in Art and Design. Her jewellery designs show Deborah's creative background, as each...

Posted by in New Products on Jan 07, 2016 .

Came across this wonderful selection of Birthday cards, all designed by "Biscuit Illustration", and couldn't resist adding them to the Ruffld store.

The talented artist, Rebecca, found inspiration amongst the Surrey countryside, creating her first collection of stunning designs for her "British Wildlife" range. And so, with Rebecca's love of drawing animals and birds more ideas came along, including "The Farm", "The Safari" and "The Arctic" ranges.

The drawings are designed within a lot of white space, so that the one focus is the image. Just a hint of colour is added to give a sense of character and personality.

The designs are...

Posted by in New Products on Nov 16, 2015 .

Our "Block" products promote minimal design, but we believe that their products have maximum inpact!!

As "Block" states, they give you a "Life in Colour". So many ideas to introduce colour to your life!!

Wonderful noticeboards, with a range of coloured pegs, will get the most untidy person organised! They look brilliant in a contemporary workspace or office.

Perpetual calendars are a fabulous addition to your desk. So vibrant, great design and sturdy construction too, as they are made of steel! And moving the magnets to the desired position each morning seems to focus you on the day ahead. Once you have one it can be used...

Posted by in New Products on Nov 06, 2015 .

As our online store increases in size, we thought, maybe a gift department for all those gorgeous dogs out there, many of which we have met on our travels.

Luckily we discovered a wonderful little company called "Sweet William", named after their handsome dog of course, and decided to stock their delightful Dog ID Tags.

We began selling just six designs, and now have around seventeen different breeds of dog, depicted on solid, high quality silver-plated brass tags.

Not only that, but we also have a selection of humerous tags too! These have short phrases on them, and it is fun to match the dog (or owner) to the slogan!!


Posted by in News on Oct 14, 2015 .

Suddenly summer seems a distant memory.  Time to find those woolly jumpers again!

However ,we have been enjoying some glorious autumnal days this week. Bright blue cloudless skies, sparkling, dazzling sunshine, a freshness in the air.  Just a bit chilly at each end of the day!

I love the changing colours of the leaves - vibrant yellow, rusty orange, deep red, rich burgundy and burnished golden tones. Such a colourful season.

Autumn also means that I must renew the stock and search for new products too. The lazy, hazy, crazy summer holidays are over and I  must concentrate on Ruffld once again!!

So please take a look every now...


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