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Posted by in News on Oct 28, 2013 .

Although our Guins are happy, I'm afraid the Northern Rockhopper penguins are not quite so cheerful.

Between 1955 and 2006 there has been an awful loss of these cute, charismatic birds.  In fact, 2 million pairs were lost from Tristan da Cunha and Gough in the South Atlantic Ocean.

And now, since 2012, they are still sliding towards the edge of extinction. It is so sad to think that we are losing 100 Rockhoppers every day.

Their decline could be due to climate change, or maybe over-fishing for squid and octopus by humans. Rockhoppers not only feed on krill but are also partial to a bit of squid.

Let's hope something can be...

Posted by in New Products on Oct 16, 2013 .

Well, as our logo includes an owl I thought it only right that we sell some owls on our site.

The latest owls are Four Little Owls sitting on a Twig! They can be hung up anywhere - in a bedroom, in a hallway, and look really cute.

We also have some tins with an owl picture on the lid. So useful for keeping all kinds of bits and bobs.

There are a few owl purses left too. Mustn't forget them!

So, "owls about" buying somebody an owl for Christmas!  Ruffld would be so happy!


Posted by in News on Oct 05, 2013 . announces the introduction of FREE UK DELIVERY.

This means if you want to receive your order between approximately 2-3 days then you do not need to pay any postage if it is being sent to the UK. How good is that?!!

When you have chosen the items you wish to purchase then nothing else is added to the price if you choose the Free UK Delivery option.  No extras to pay!!! It's free shipping all the way! hopes this little something makes your day!

Posted by in New Products on Sep 30, 2013 .

Our family of Guins is expanding!!

We still have our baby Guins in their cute welly boots, but now their parents will be joining them!  Of course they will have matching boots to look just as cool as their offspring - just a little larger!

And not only that, we also have a collection of Pastel Guin babies joining us too.  They are not equipped for jumping in puddles but do have dainty feet instead!

Posted by in News on Sep 07, 2013 .

A distant memory as summer begins to disappear.

It was such a beautiful sunny day, blue skies and hardly a whisper of a breeze - just right for the Howzat Cricket Fete.

We arrived early and set up our gazebo, displayed some of our products and sat back in our deck chairs watching the cricket. It wasn't long before interested customers wandered over to see what delights we had to show them.

Met so many wonderful people during the day who all made such positive comments about Ruffld.

Our solar lamp shades looked fabulous hanging from the gazebo, and our new felt banners really caught people's eyes. These will be appearing on our...

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Just a quick blog post to introduce some of the exciting new updates on These include:
Free UK delivery on everything!
The title says it all! Get free UK delivery on all orders!

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Thought today would be a good day to write my next blog, which is all about our beautiful cream rose door handles.

Just by replacing your current run of the mill or well-worn handles on an old chest of drawers or cupboard can bring a whole new lease of life to a piece of furniture. If the old handles screw into the drawer front then they can easily be removed and the new ones can be screwed in, in an instant!

One of our customers chose to brighten up their shabby chic french style drawers and they look fabulous. Take a look at the photo that they sent us. Wonderful!

Posted by in News on Jun 30, 2013 .

Well,I think it's about time I wrote my next blog, so here it is!!

It was a fabulous sunny June day yesterday, as we set off to a village fete in deepest Hertfordshire.

We were greeted with the village green looking fantastic, so colourful and pretty. Bunting shimmering in the breeze, gazebos up, and people busy putting the last details into the annual event. England at its best, the whole community getting involved.


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